Wwe summerslam

1.Sheamus deafeated Wade Barrett for Sheamus' Money in the Bank breifcase

2.Justin Gabbriel and Heth Slatter deafeted The Miz and R-Truth for the WWE Tag Team Championships

3.Dolph Ziggler deafeated Alex Riley for the U.S. Championship

4.Sin Cara deafeated Chavo Guerrero

5.Mark Henry deafeated Big Show

6.Jinger Mahale deafeated The Great Kali viva count out

7.Christian deafeated Randy Orton for the World Hevyweight Championship

8.Sheamus deafeated Christian for the World Hevyweight Championship

9.John Cena deafeated Batista for the WWE Championship, Losser Leaves WWE